Why should pubs want to get the Brewers’ Star?

Because it is an indicator of the highest quality draft beer and an additional reason for consumers to visit certified pubs. Contact us, get the Brewers’ Star certification and enjoy being in your patrons’ good graces.

Give your customers
the best beer experience!

The results will soon follow. Happy customers will contribute to your outlet’s success. The best beer experience can only be achieved with beer that is properly taken care of and served. Plzeňský Prazdroj gives the Brewers’ Star certificate to the best restaurants and pubs that consistently respect the principles and requirements of draft beer care. The certificate bears the signatures of those who brew the beer – our brewers.
The evaluation is done at annual intervals and based on its results the certificate is given for a period of one calendar year. The evaluation is carried out by industry experts, graduates of the Bartender Camp, which is dedicated to serving beer and beer tasting. Each expert is also trained by a team of our trade brewmasters.

Awarding the certificate

Overall beer care starts with appropriate beer storage in suitable conditions. It includes the use of approved procedures in dispensing beer using either a recommended propellant gas for keg beer or air for tank beer, and regular sanitation of beer pipes with recommended detergents at set intervals.

The same applies to the bartender maintaining the bar, tap equipment and beer glassware absolutely clean on a daily basis. Beer that has been well taken care of and served in the recommended manner will have the desired taste and aroma. The ideal beer experience goes hand in hand with the fresh taste of beer. That is why keeping to the recommended maximum time periods for dispensing keg or tank beer is absolutely essential.

Advantages of holding the Brewers’ Star certificate

  • The Brewers’ Star certificate displayed on an outlet indicates to consumers the highest quality beer care and the best beer experience possible. It also improves the pub’s reputation with its existing as well as prospective patrons.
  • The certificate plays a role in consumers’ decision-making on which outlet to visit.
  • The outlet will be listed on a map of certified and recommended outlets on Plzeňský Prazdroj’s website and in the navigation sections of the websites of individual beer brands.
  • The Brewers’ Star certificate is awarded only to Plzeňský Prazdroj customers.
  • Gaining the certificate is also a prerequisite for the outlet’s participation in certain levels of the “Plzeňský Prazdroj Key Account Club” sales program (for details, contact the relevant Key Account Development Manager or Trade Development Specialist).

The procedure for awarding the Brewers’ Star certificate

  1. Ask a Plzeňský Prazdroj Trade Development Specialist to initiate the certification process.
  2. The basic technical parameters will be measured.
  3. This is followed by an evaluation of the quality of beer served.
  4. If your outlet meets all the requirements, it will receive the Brewers’ Star certificate from a representative of Plzeňský Prazdroj’s Sales Department.
  5. If any discrepancies preventing the Brewers’ Star certification being awarded are identified, the outlet will receive a detailed description of the reason why it was denied the certificate as well as instructions on how to remedy the situation. The outlet may then request to be reevaluated after a minimum of 3 months. Inspections at already certified outlets will take place at least once a year. These may take place anytime and their purpose is to check the observance of draft beer standards and quality. In case of a serious breach of the standards stated in the Brewers’ Star Terms and Conditions, or if the outlet is transferred to another keeper/owner, the outlet will lose the Brewers’ Star certification. Should you have any questions, please refer to a Trade Development Specialist or a member of Plzeňský Prazdroj’s Technical Service Department.

Conditions for receiving the certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Brewers’ Star is a unique certificate given to outlets for their strict observance of the principles and meeting the requirements for quality draft beer care. This certificate is awarded by Plzeňský Prazdroj exclusively to its customers. It offers trustworthy beer quality certification, which guarantees the best beer experience for consumers and also serves as navigation to the best outlets.
First, we look at the technical parameters: how the beer is stored; whether the right propellant gas is used; the frequency and quality of beer pipe sanitation; the cleanliness of the tap equipment and how beer glassware is washed. Then, we focus on how the beer is served and also whether the bartender observes the recommended length of time for dispensing beer from a tapped keg or tank.
The certificate is awarded by Plzeňský Prazdroj and is handed over by an authorized person. Inspections of the technical parameters are carried out by teams of Plzeňský Prazdroj inspectors. The quality of the draft beer is evaluated by graduates of the special Bartender Camp, an intensive training program focused on draft beer and beer tasting. Each expert is also trained by a team of Plzeňský Prazdroj’s trade brewmasters.
Contact your sales representative and ask him or her to nominate your pub for the Brewers’ Star certification. Note: your nomination must be secured by the end of June so that your outlet can undergo the entire certification process and receive the Brewers’ Star certificate for the following year.
Plzeňský Prazdroj is going to promote the Brewer’s Star certification with a major marketing campaign. We are creating a unique brand that will guide consumers to Brewers’ Star certificate winning pubs and restaurants. Our goal is to acknowledge the best pub keepers and show people where they can get the best beer, beer that can boast the Brewers’ Star.
The basic condition is to meet the required technical parameters. These are described in detail in the Certification Terms and Conditions section on this page. Make sure that your outlet meets these conditions and our inspectors will check this. Afterwards, your outlet will be visited by our evaluators, who will focus on the quality of the draft beer. If you pass, you will receive the certificate for a period of one year.
The certification takes place throughout the year. First, the quality and cleanliness of the tap equipment is evaluated. This is followed by beer tasting checks, which evaluate the way the beer is served, its appearance and taste.
The Brewers’ Star certificate is awarded only to those outlets that sell either keg or tank beer from Plzeňský Prazdroj’s breweries, i.e., the beer brands Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Excelent, Velkopopovický Kozel, Radegast, Birell and beers from the Brewers’ Choice program.
The certificate is always given for a period of one calendar year, i.e., from January 1 to December 31.
Anytime during the year. We recommend that outlets initiate the certification process at least six months before the end of the year, which increases the chances of the outlet being certified for the following year.
Yes, we will gladly inspect your outlet again. In the event of unsuccessful certification, our experts will give you a report with a list of specific recommendations. These will help you meet the conditions during the next certification procedure.
Yes, we will visit the certified outlets ourselves.
The Brewers’ Star application and certification are free of charge.
The certification system includes only one star. Receiving it means recognition of the highest quality draft beer at the outlet.
If your outlet is denied the Brewers’ Star, our experts will tell you precisely what you need to improve in order to get the star back.
The previous certification focused solely on meeting the technical parameters related to beer quality. It contributed to a significant improvement in the care devoted to beer pipes, which has a major impact on the quality of draft beer. The new certification goes beyond the scope of the original certification and is more comprehensive – we monitor not only the technical parameters, but also how beer is served at the pub as well as its resulting properties and taste.
Plzeňský Prazdroj has terminated this certification system.
The Brewers’ Star is a brand new and independent system of evaluating the quality of draft beer. It covers a wider range of criteria and is more comprehensive than the previous certification. Outlets need to apply for the Brewers’ Star; it will not be automatically given to those who had the previous certificate from a program that has been discontinued.
Our evaluators are leading industry professionals, graduates of the special Bartender Camp, which is an intensive training program devoted to serving beer and beer tasting. Each expert is also trained by a team of our trade brewmasters.