The Brewers’ Star
Recognizing supreme quality

The Brewers’ Star is a new type of certification of Czech pubs and restaurants focused on overall beer care. The Brewers’ Star is bestowed upon pubs for one calendar year and it guarantees best quality beer care. Only the very best can get this certificate.

How a new Star is born

Using stringent criteria, we evaluate the outlet’s comprehensive beer care. The technical parameters play an important role – how and where the pub stores its beer, sanitation and regular maintenance of its beer pipes, the condition of the tap equipment, the freshness of the beer in the keg or tank, as well as use of the right gas to dispense the beer. A pub that meets all the criteria advances to the second round of evaluation.

Our experts will make two unannounced visits to the outlet and evaluate the quality of its draft beer – whether it is served in clean, wet and cool glassware; they check the height and consistency of the beer’s head, and obviously also the taste.

Ten Rules for the best beer

Where to store it? In a cold and clean place!

For a bartender to offer beer of supreme quality, he or she must take proper care of it right after delivery! Neither too high or too low temperatures are good for maintaining beer quality; the optimum temperature for storing beer ranges between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius. The room must have washable walls and its floor must be sloped so that it drains. Food is not to be stored in the same room as beer. Everything is thoroughly checked by our inspectors!

Fresh and properly carbonated beer is good beer

The gas used for dispensing beer is very important for its quality and freshness. Only fresh and properly carbonated beer tastes great. The ideal gas for all keg beers is a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, blended at a ratio of 1:1. Alternatively, pure CO2 can be used. Tank beer is dispensed by pressurized air, which does not come into contact with the beer. Air is not good for beer at all, as it causes it to lose freshness.

Clean pipes are a must

Good quality beer can never be dispensed without keeping the pipes clean. Dirty pipes can result in beer being cloudy and tasting bad. A good pub will rinse its pipes with water every day. Beer pipes are sanitized no less than every two weeks, and in case of tank beer every week. Companies providing beer pipe sanitation services make a record of each cleaning. Pubs that do not take good care of their pipes do not stand a chance of getting certified!

Do not use dishwashing liquid!

The glassware from which we drink beer deserves excellent care as well. A bartender must definitely not use common dish soap to wash it. Brewers’ Star pubs consistently use detergents designed specifically for beer glass cleaning, and after it has been washed the glassware is always rinsed with clean water. Our inspectors pay close attention to how beer glassware is cleaned in pubs.

The bar – the customers’ gateway to beer

The tap bar is the heart of each pub and must be spick and span. The bartenders in Brewers’ Star pubs take great care to keep it that way. They regularly clean it and maintain it in pristine condition. They clean not only the tap itself, but also the levers and countertop.

No switching between beer and soda

A very important rule for Brewers’ Star pubs: Do not dispense sweet flavored soft drinks using beer pipes. This is strictly prohibited in pubs! Soda negatively affects the quality of beer and must have a separate pipe leading to the bar. Pubs that switch between the two cannot be certified.

In a cool, wet glass, please

The fundamental principle is: Beer is always poured into a clean, chilled and wet glass. Bartenders who clean glassware with a dishtowel belong in a cheap diner, not a leading pub. A bartender like that would not score many points with our inspectors.

It’s warm. You’d better chill it!

Jára Cimrman’s famous saying “Warm beer is better than a cold…” does not apply during inspections by our inspectors. The full taste of beer can be brought out only if the beer is served at the recommended temperature, which is around 7 degrees Celsius (give or take 1°C).

The bartender, the most important taste tester

Bartenders in Brewers’ Star pubs are properly trained not only in beer care and bar-tending, but they also know what beer should taste like. They regularly check its taste and aroma. And they only serve beer of the highest quality possible. We make sure that is the case during our inspections.

Only from a fresh keg

A good bartender knows how long the kegs have been tapped and adheres to recommended time periods within which the beer should be dispensed. That is the only way to ensure the highest quality beer on tap. Bartenders never sell beer past the recommended time, even if the beer has not reached its “best before” date.

How to get the Brewers’ Star?

Do you want your pub or restaurant to boast the Brewers’ Star title?
Contact us and we will visit your outlet and put you on track to getting the Brewers’ Star.


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