Four breweries, three magical places and the unique Brewery Museum

Come and discover the history of brewing or your own favourite brand of beer. See the authentic places where the Pilsner Urquell legend originated, hold a party in the Gambrinus Brewery, immerse yourself in history in the Brewery Museum in Pilsen or enjoy an unforgettable day where Radegast and Velkopopovický Kozel are brewed. Each of our breweries offers a lavish programme of events which every beer lover is sure to enjoy.

Brewery tours

  • Visit the authentic places that have witnessed the birth of a legend amongst beers, and learn more about the history and secrets of how this world-famous lager is made.
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  • Enjoy a unique and unforgettable party at the Gambrinus brewery with your friend, including a class on how to tap beer. There’s no better place to celebrate!
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  • Set off on the trail of the Kozel goat on a trip to the picturesque Velkopopovický Kozel Brewery or enjoy a class at the tapping school, taught by an expert brewer.
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  • Reveal the secrets behind the wonderful bitterness of this Nošovice beer, visit the Radegast Shrine or try to Radegast tapping school.
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Brewery Museum in Pilsen

This museum, one of a kind in the world and housed in the original 15th-century brewery building, is also unique in terms of the range of exhibitions it offers. Hundreds of unique exhibits portray the history of brewing beer from ancient times to the present day. Visitors can learn more about the history of Pilsen’s pubs, tour the malt house, malt kiln, drying shed and laboratory and see a range of beer-related curios (such as the smallest beer mug in the world).

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The historical underground of Pilsen

With almost 14 kilometres of passageways, the historical underground of Pilsen is one of the largest historical underground systems in Central Europe. The underground tour circuit is around 800 m long and runs at a depth of 9 to 12 metres under the historical centre of the city of Pilsen. Discover mediaeval life under the city and reveal the secrets of the authentic finds and nooks hidden underground.

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