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The core of Prazdroj is our people. We aren´t the n. 1 on a market just thanks to our great products, but mainly thanks to our employees. Therefore on managing positions we have an experts in their field. Do you want to actively participate on an evolution of a beer culture in Czech Republic and in a whole world? We are looking for leaders, who want to fully use their experience and show what they can do to the world.
Ilona Ilona
Internal Audit and Controls Manager CZ&SK
I'm in charge of internal audit, controls and fraud investigations at Prazdroj. But colleagues don't need to be afraid of me! I always aim for cooperation. Originally, I joined Prazdroj as a member of the Finance team. At that time, the entire department was undergoing a re-design which interested me. I also worked for the mother company in the United Kingdom for 2 years as part of my career development. Nevertheless, I've been working in my current position 10 years. What I see as the biggest challenge is the complexity of our processes.
Michaela Michaela
Projects & Business Planning Manager
I lead a team of project managers at Prazdroj who change ideas and visions into reality. I started to work for the company in 2018, originally in the Trade Marketing department. What I appreciate most is the open environment and space for fun and constructive discussions.  I'm even prouder of our traditional brands since I looked under their hood and found out how much work there is behind one beer. If I’m to pick one product from our portfolio, I like non-alcoholic EYA most. It's playful, functional and practical. My favourite flavour is blueberries and lavender.
Radek Radek
Senior Finance Business Partner
I came to Prazdroj from the film industry. I started as a Brand Specialist for Excelent, and honestly, I didn’t know much about brand marketing. Fortunately, Prazdroj is quite flexible in this, and when you don’t know something, you always get room to learn. I rotated (changed positions) from the beer segment to ciders, where we launched a new Frisco flavour - Strawberry Daiquiri, new Kingswood flavour - Apple Sec, as well as a completely new brand / category - Viper Hard Seltzer. I hate FOMO, especially in the world of social networks, so the next logical step was joining the digi team. From my current position, I mostly take care of digital campaigns across our brands in Czechia and Slovakia. I'm often in contact with influencers and I attend ad shoots or festivals where we create further content for brands.
We stand by our employees firmly, as we stand by every glass of our beer
See the benefits provided to all of our employees without exception. But there is a lot more of them, depending on what department you work for and what position you hold.
Péče o zaměstnance
Péče o zaměstnance
  • 5 weeks of annual leave
  • Meal vouchers or canteens
  • Helping employees stay hydrated
  • Support for the well-being of employees
  • Company computer and phone
  • Company car
Zdraví, budoucnost a zajištění
Zdraví, budoucnost a zajištění
  • Contribution to retirement and life insurance plans
  • GP programme
  • Employee assistance programme
Zábava a volný čas
Zábava a volný čas
  • Multisport card
  • Discounted prices on products at our partner companies
  • Referral bonus for recommending new employees
  • Additional bonuses related to entertainment
  • Language learning allowance
Naše značky
Naše značky
  • Vouchers for purchasing goods of our brands
  • Bonus beer
We are located not only in Pilsen
Pilsner Urquell is brewed in Pilsen, Kozel in Popovice, Radegast in Nošovice, marketing people are based in Prague or work from home. You can work for Prazdroj from anywhere in the Czech Republic.
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