Brewers’ Star

The Brewers’ Star is an award for the best care given to a draft beer. We focus on everything from beer storage, the purity of the beer lines and taps up to proper tapping. When you go to a pub with a Brewers’ Star, you are sure to get a beer just as it should be. The award is not only awarded to the pub, but mainly to its publican, who does an exemplary job of looking after the beer.

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The success of Plzeňský Prazdroj is based on the talent, enthusiasm and professionalism of our staff. We look after our people as well as we look after the quality of our beer. After all, they’re the most valuable assets we have.


Helping out

At Prazdroj, we place the highest emphasis on the quality of our beers and we are equally conscientious with regard to the protection of natural resources. Prazdroj is already one of Europe’s leaders in water and energy conservation and promotes ecological innovation. We search for environmentally friendly solutions in all areas – from the purchase of packaging, through production to the distribution of our beers to customers. We are also one of the leading domestic corporate donors and strive to be a good neighbor to the people in the places where we do business. Responsibility is our natural approach to doing business.

Interesting facts about Czech beer

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909,000 people visited our breweries in 2018 alone?
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