Velkopopovický kozel

Its excellent quality and long and successful history, which dates back to 1874, make Velkopopovický Kozel a highly popular beer in the Czech Republic and the best-selling Czech beer brand worldwide. Beer from the Velké Popovice Brewery regularly wins awards in beer competitions in the Czech Republic and around the world.

  • Kozel Pale

    Kozel pale draught beer has a wonderfully smooth flavour and beautiful goldish-yellow colour. It is perfect refreshment during the day or for relaxing after a job well done. Contains 4 % alcohol.

  • Kozel 11°

    Kozel 11° treats you to a polished, fuller-bodied flavour while losing none of its drinkability. The three types of malt combined perfectly with the mild bitterness of the hops have resulted in Kozel 11° winning many awards in prestigious competitions at home and abroad. Contains 4.6 % alcohol.

  • Kozel black

    Kozel black draught beer is made following the original recipe using a special mixture of dark malts, pure water and a selection of the finest hops. The caramelized malt is what gives the beer the unique ruby-red colour and sweet flavour that has won it awards all over the world. Contains 3.8 % alcohol.

  • Kozel Premium

    Kozel Premium is a pale lager with a pleasant full-bodied flavour enhanced by a fine hop and malt aroma. This has become a popular and award-winning beer not only in this country, but all around the world. Contains 4.8 % alcohol.

  • Kozel Black & Tan 11°

    With Velkopopovický Kozel Black & Tan 11° the brewers spent a long time looking for the ideal beer between the Kozel 11° and the Kozel Black; this search resulted in this exceptional beer treat, which combines the mild bitter flavour of a pale beer with the caramel tones of a black beer.

  • Kozel Florián

    Kozel Florián is a limited-edition semi-dark 11° beer, which the Velké Popovice brewers have given a touch of slight reddishness in its colour. It is available in certain months from COOP chain stores.