Velkopopovický Kozel

Its excellent quality and long and successful history, which dates back to 1874, make Velkopopovický Kozel a highly popular beer in the Czech Republic and the best-selling Czech beer brand worldwide. Beer from the Velké Popovice Brewery regularly wins awards in beer competitions in the Czech Republic and around the world.
  • Kozel Non-alcoholic

    Velkopopovický Kozel Non-alcoholic is a semi-dark non-alcoholic beer which is brewed from Pilsner, caramel and roasted malt similar to other classical beers from Velké Popovice. Thanks to this, the beer not only has a full malty taste, but also a honey to semi-dark colour. The light bitterness from the Czech hops variety Premiant is combined with a fruity and ester aroma.

  • Kozel 11°

    Kozel 11 will reward you with its full-bodied taste, which still goes down smooth. Thanks to three types of malt perfectly connected with the gentle bitterness of the hops, Kozel 11 has won many awards in prestigious domestic and foreign competitions. Contains 4.6% alcohol.

  • Kozel Black & Tan 11°

    With Velkopopovický Kozel Řezaný 11, the brewers have long sought the ideal ratio between Kozel 11 and Kozel Černý, and this has resulted in an extraordinary beer experience that combines the soft bitter taste of light beer and the caramel tones of black beer.

  • Kozel Florian

    Limited semi-dark 11, which was given a slight red tinge from the Velkopopovicky brewers. It is available in the COOP network.