When making the Excelent eleven-degree lager the Pilsen brewers use the unique triple-hopping method. The third hopping is carried about the end of the boiling process, when the hopped wort starts to cool. This means that Excelent retains a large quantity of aromatic substances, giving it its refreshing hop aroma and full-bodied flavour.


  • Excelent

    Excelent eleven-degree lager was first brewed in Pilsen in 2008. It contains 4.7 % alcohol and the unique triple-hopping process, during which the Pilsen brewers use the very highest quality Žatec semi-early red hops, gives it its full-bodied hop flavour. Every sip will tempts you to take another.

  • Excelent Ice Beer

    The mission for ‘Excelent’ is to motivate the young generation to go THEIR OWN WAY, to take new, unexplored paths. The brand itself walks the talk by launching a variant under the name EXCELENT ICE BEER. It is a totally new category featuring a long-lasting, refreshing taste characterized by a low level of bitterness. EXCELENT ICE BEER is dry-hopped using aroma hops – SORACHI ACE. Mint is added during the boil, imparting a distinctly refreshing, cooling and long-lasting effect to this ICE BEER. All of this is achieved while maintaining the alcohol content at 4.7 %.