So that beer tastes and drinks better. That is the mission of the Gambrinus brewery the history of which stretches back to 1869. Its beers are characterized by a refreshing flavour, full-bodied taste, pleasant bitterness and just the right bite. Not only is this traditional Czech brewery very popular among beer lovers, it has also received a series of awards in professional competitions.
  • Unpasteurized 10°

    The most popular 10-degree beer on the market with a more full-bodied taste. By adding the Sládek hops variety in the last brewing phase, we achieved an even stronger hoppy aroma. Enjoy the balanced combination of a refreshing but dense body and pleasant bitterness which invites you to take another sip.

  • Unpasteurized 11

    Gambrinus Unpasteurized 11 is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the right bite in every gulp. Now with a new recipe that ensures an even fuller taste. Thanks to its balanced bitterness and intense hoppy aroma from a single hops variety called Sládek, this new 11-degree beer is easy to drink.

  • Unpasteurized 12°

    Gambrinus 12 will be appreciated mostly by those beer drinkers who yearn for a balanced tasting beer. Its body is created by three malt varieties with bitterness added from a single hops variety called Sládek which we now add during the last phase of brewing. The new recipe brings an even more full-bodied taste and more intense hoppy aroma. Its excellent drinkability only adds to a perfectly harmonious experience.

  • Unfiltered Lager

    Unfiltered lager represents the real pride of our Pilsen brewmasters. Thanks to brewer’s yeast, this beer has an extraordinary full-bodied taste and is rich in magical bitterness. You can distinguish it thanks to its typical yeast turbidity and deep golden colour. Now, it has an even more intense hoppy aroma and one more degree thanks to our new recipe. We brew it for you using three malt varieties and two hops varieties (Sládek and Saaz semi-early red bine hops).

  • Original 10°

    Our 10-degree beer will reliably refresh you even away from the pub. Its new recipe will first enchant beer lovers with its strong hoppy aroma and then surprise them with its more full-bodied taste. By adding the Sládek hops variety in the last brewing phase, we have achieved a perfectly balanced combination of fullness and bitterness which is obvious in every sip.

  • Patron 12

    The full body created by the three malt varieties is coupled in every sip with a balanced bitterness from a single hops variety called Sládek. This harmonious Pilsner lager is well-known for its intense taste and good drinkability.

  • Dry

    Thanks to a higher fermentation, we are able to accommodate those beer drinkers who have a modern lifestyle and can consume beer containing less sugar in a limited amount, within the recommended diet. Nevertheless, thanks to the classic brewing process it retains the excellent taste properties of Pilsner beer.