This classic Czech beer with its historical tradition dating back to 1869 has all the characteristic merits of beers brewed in Pilsen, particularly their deliciously bitterish flavour, rich colour, thick foam and just the right tang. The Gambrinus range also includes the Gambrinus Flavoured series of refreshing 2 % alcohol mixed drinks, made from Gambrinus draught beer and fruit juice, with no preservatives or added sweeteners.

  • Unpasteurized 10°

    Ten-degree beer should be pleasantly bitter and is for quenching your thirst. Three types of malt and two varieties of Czech hops, Sládek and Žatec semi-early red, make this a beautifully balanced combination of a refreshing and full body with a pleasant bitterness, so tasty you’ll want to take another sip.

  • Unfiltered Lager

    Unfiltered Lager is the pride and joy of our Pilsen brewers. It is the brewing yeasts that give it that exceptional full flavour and enchanting bitterness. You can recognise it by its typical yeasty haze and deep golden colour. Its gives off a distinct malty aroma and, when taking a slow sip, you will notice the noticeable scent of fresh brewing yeast. We brew it for you from three types of malt and two hop varieties (Sládek and Žatec semi-early red).

  • Unpasteurized 12°

    Our twelve-degree beer is brewed from three types of malt, which is what gives it its full body. Pilsen malt from our own malt house as well as caramel malt and roasted malt are what give this lager its intense full flavour, with a balanced bitterness that comes from just one hop variety, Sládek. The resulting harmony of the flavour is intense yet mellifluous, and not at all clinging.

  • Original 10°

    Our ten-degree beer is reliably refreshing even outside the pub. In every brew we ensure the right balance of our own Czech malt and Sládek hop varieties so that Original tastes the same from the first sip to the last, making you want to enjoy another.

  • Pale lager „Plná“ 12°

    The fullness and bitterness of this lager meet somewhere near the middle of the flavour scale. Even so, this lager has a full body thanks to our own malt from the Pilsen malt house. With every sip this fullness blends with a pleasing bitter tang, and loses none of its drinkability.

  • Lime & Elderberry

    Perfect refreshment from Gambrinus beer and lime and cranberry juice. With its low alcohol content and tangy lime flavour enhanced with cranberry, this is perfect for a get-together with friends on a hot summer day.

  • Sharp Lemon

    Perfect refreshment from Gambrinus beer and lemon juice. With its distinctive citrus taste this is perfect for those refreshing summer meals such as salads or grilled fish. Its low alcohol content makes Sharp Lemon a great way to freshen up on those steamy summer days.

  • Juicy Grapefruit

    Perfect refreshment from Gambrinus beer and grapefruit juice, with the grapefruit flavour giving the drink as a whole an interesting bittersweet taste, with the added flavour of Gambrinus beer.