This, the most popular brand of beer in Moravia and characterised by its bitterness, is brewed in the Nošovice brewery from the highest quality brewing ingredients from Moravia. The first batch was brewed on 3rd December 1970. The brand has a strong and loyal following in Moravia and Silesia, but is also popular with beer lovers all over the Czech Republic. The range includes the pale draught Radegast Original, Genuinely Bitter 12°, hopped three times and with a full-bodied bitter flavour, and the draught Unfiltered full-flavour lager.

  • Rázná 10

    Radegast Rázná 10 offers uncompromisingly bitter refreshment. For its brewing, we use selected malt from our own malt houses and higher amounts of three varieties of the best quality of Tršice hops (Žatec semi-early hops, Sládek and Žatec Late). The significant bitterness (30 IBU) is balanced by the fresh hop aroma and fuller taste than is usual in ten-degree beers. Alcohol content 4.1%.

  • Genuinely Bitter 12°

    Radegast Ryze Hořká 12 is a three-hop premium light lager, with a 5.1% alcohol content that stands out on account of its full bitter taste (36 IBU) and distinct hop aroma. It is brewed from three selected types of Moravian hops. In addition to the Žatec semi-early red and Sládek varieties, it also contains the Czech variety Žatec Late, which is considered the future of Czech brewing due to its high quality.

  • Ratar

    Full taste with a strong bitterness (50 IBU), thanks to the premium Polaris hops, definitely makes the refreshment of Ratar an exceptional experience. Ratar is the most bitter Radegast that has ever been made! The name of the beer was inspired by the Ratar tribe, whose highest god was Radegast.