A modern, mildly sparkling alcoholic cider which is especially popular with women. Frisco combines a balanced fruity flavour free of the bitter hints of hops with an ideal alcohol volume. That’s what makes it an extraordinarily refreshing beverage, especially when served properly chilled, and that is also the reason why this drink, available in a stylish 0.33l bottle, is a popular at parties and on hot days.
  • Apple and Lemon

    A proven combination of ripe sweet apples with the pleasant acidity of lemon.

  • Cranberry

    The seductive taste of juicy sweet and sour cranberries.

  • Pineapple & Lemongrass

    The exotic aroma of lemongrass complements the taste of fragrant pineapples.

  • Forest fruits

    The captivating taste of perfectly combined forest fruits.

  • Spritz

    The freshness of bitter orange accompanied by a gentle touch of herbal bitterness.