We take a sensible approach to advertising and drinking beer

We advocate a responsible approach to the consumption and promotion of beer. After all, we want our beverages to bring consumers nothing but pleasure and enjoyment.

We support responsible consumption and promotion

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the Czech Republic, and it is a pleasant part of the lives of the great majority of people who drink responsibly. However, we are well aware that irresponsible drinking can have a very severe impact on the lives of drinkers and those around them. Therefore, when promoting and selling our beer we follow a strict code of ethics that goes beyond the law, and are also involved in a number of activities that support responsible drinking.

Responsible advertising

All our commercial communication is subject to strict ethical rules and processes that guarantee that our products are aimed solely at adults and that we do not in any way encourage irresponsible drinking. This applies to TV advertisements, ads in printed and on-line media, communication on social networks and product packaging, at sales promotional events, sponsoring, etc. A Responsibility Commission made up of employees and external experts checks that we comply with these rules.

If you have an interesting observation or opinion about our advertisements, please email . Any complaints concerning our advertisements should also be sent to this address. All requests will be dealt with within 15 working days.

No complaints were filed concerning the commercial communication of the Plzeňský Prazdroj brands in 2016.

About Alcohol

„About alcohol“ is a great website, the purpose of which is to provide concise, objective, accurate and balanced information about the risks and benefits of drinking alcohol. It is a great source of information about alcohol consumption and its effects on human body and mind valuable for everyone, including retailers and parents who care about this issue.

Visit About Alcohol

Respect 18 (Respektuj 18)

The “Respect 18” project is the result of collaboration between Plzeňský Prazdroj, Pilsen City Council and the Drug Prevention and Treatment Centre. This was set up in order to change the public’s tolerant attitude towards underage drinking and also to help prevent alcohol from being sold and served to minors. The project website also features valuable information for retailers and parents who care about this issue.

Visit respektuj18.cz