21.5.2014 About beer

You can support Czech running at the Karlovy Vary Half-Marathon

The signature of legendary runner Patrick Makau will adorn a limited-edition glass especially made for the non-alcoholic beer Birell, and will be available for purchase to both spectators and participants of the Mattoni Half-Marathon in Karlovy Vary. All proceeds from the sale will support the Czech Marathon Hopes project, which is aimed at the training of elite Czech marathon runners. All participants of the half-marathon will receive Birell Ginger at the finish line as a refreshing incentive. Birell will also establish 11 “music points” along the path of the half-marathon to enhance the overall atmosphere for runners and spectators.

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30.7.2013 About beer

Kingswood Cider Is Bringing an Oasis of Greenery and Relaxation to Prague’s Republic Square

From Tuesday July 30 to August 2, 2013, a part of Republic Square in Prague will become an exceptional oasis of harmony and relaxation. Visitors to this unusually green place will have a chance to enjoy relaxing in a pleasant environment, listening to music and tasting the not-so-long-ago introduced Kingswood Cider. The aim of this project is to drive attention to the importance of green areas in cities.

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23.7.2013 About beer

Downtown Brno Full of Greenery and Relaxation with Kingswood Cider

During the week of July 22 to 26, 2013, The Freedom Square in Brno will literally become an oasis of serenity and harmony. Visitors to this unusual place, full of greenery, will have a chance to taste recently introduced Kingswood cider created according to British tradition. The aim of this project is to drive attention to the absence of green places in cities and to initiate mutual cooperation during their restoration.

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3.7.2013 About beer

Welcome to Kingswood – a New Brand of Cider Makes its Way to the Czech Market, Bringing with it a Taste of „Cool Summer“

A cider named Kingswood, made according to a British tradition and matched to satisfy taste buds of Czech consumers, is coming to the market. This new refreshing alcoholic beverage represents a perfect harmony of dry tones. It is mixed from carefully selected apples grown exclusively in orchards. It does not contain any artificial aromas, colorings, or sweeteners. Kingswood is available in selected restaurants and bars in Prague and Brno from July 1, 2013.

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1.11.2012 About beer

Birell Is the Best Nonalcoholic Beer in the Czech Republic

The oldest contest since the Velvet Revolution, „The Best Beer of The Czech Republic“, organised annually by Association of the Friends of Beer, has chosen this year’s winner. The title of Non–alcoholic Beer of the Year went to the leader on the market, Birell.  This prestigious award is coming in the year of the brand’s 20th anniversary celebration.

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