30.8.2013 Gambrinus

Gambrinus Juicy Citrus is one of the Beer Specials of 2013

Gambrinus Juicy Citrus can be called this year’s legendary king among mixed beer dinks. During this summer alone, it has scored in more than 10 domestic as well as international tests. The latest award was awarded to it during the 39th annual International Agro-salon, Earth the Provider, in the contest CEREVISIA SPECIALIS – BEER SPECIAL OF THE YEAR 2013 in Česke Budějovice, where it placed second.

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26.8.2013 Gambrinus

Celebration of Hops: Czech Republic Knows Its Champion in Picking the Green Gold

For the seventh time, the Republic Championship in hand-picking hops, sponsored by Gambrinus, started on the penultimate Saturday in August. Out of 23 participants, Zdena Malafová from Kněževe succeeded. During the four hours, she picked 11 baskets (363 litres of hops) on the hops field by Kutílkovi in Přílepy. Actor Josef Laufer supported the participants with his presence. In doing so, he remembered making the famous movie Seniors on Hops – Starci na chmelu. In the pleasant atmosphere of the hop field, complemented by wonderful weather, European masters from Belgrade 1976, Antonín Panenka and Karol Dobiáš, also tested their skills, remembered by all who took part in this summer job.

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6.8.2013 Gambrinus

Learn Beach Volleyball with Kiki and Maki!

The most successful Czech beach volleyball duo Kiki and Maki decided to share their art and are giving advice about how to learn beach volleyball on the internet. During the month of July, seven short instructional videos came to life, in which basic equipment, service, passes, and attacks are explained. The project came to life thanks to the cooperation with Gambrinus Flavoured and it is available at www.kikimakiskola.cz

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13.6.2013 Gambrinus

Interest in Mixed Beer Drinks in PET Packaging Is on the Rise

Interest in drinks in PET packaging has been on the rise during the last few years; this trend also includes mixed beer drinks. Gambrinus Flavored is not only available in traditional, 0.5 l cans, but also in practical 1.5 l PET bottles. All three flavours will be available in this modern and ever more popular packaging – Lime & Elderberry, Crisp Lemon, and this year, novelty Juicy Citrus.

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