Birell did it again and defended its victory in a prestigious beer contest


The results of the 11th annual Czech Beer contest were announced yesterday evening in the Hotel Ambassador Golden Goose in Prague. An expert panel of 24 tasters – made up not only of brew–masters and beer experts but also representatives of the Žatec Malt Institute and the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority in Brno – selected Birell as the best Czech non–alcoholic beer. And so Birell added the award to its collection that includes honours from prestigious contests such as the 2010 PIVEX Golden Cup and the 2010 Australian International Beer Awards.

And what makes Birell so exceptional? This favourite Czech non-alcoholic beer is made from the highest-quality ingredients: pure spring water, and the best Žatec hops and barley. Thanks to specially cured yeasts that produce nearly zero alcohol, it can go through the entire process of fermentation and after–fermenting like ordinary beers, which gives it its unique taste. And it still contains many vitamins and minerals. So besides great refreshment it supplies the necessary nutrition our bodies need after sports, for example. In 2010, its semi–dark variety was introduced to the market, which found its fans among women especially. Currently, Birell occupies 70% of the non–alcoholic beer market, and it is therefore the workhorse of the entire beer–market portion.

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