As a fall inspiration, Beer Brewing Museum offers series of creative Saturday workshops


„We have included the fall series of creative workshops to brighten our often gloomy fall months.  The workshops will open in the „rolling room“ of the Beer Brewing Museum for the first time ever, and I  hope they will be met with a positive response.  Visitors will be not only submerged in history, but will take home with them a souvenir, or they can use their own self–made creation as a Christmas gift,“ said Jitka Froydová of the Beer Brewing Museum.

A series of workshops with different themes is open to all ages, and visitors will be guided by experienced tutors.  Necessary materials will be available for purchase on the spot, or those interested in participation may bring their own with them.

The first part of the series of creative workshops commenced with papermaking and decoupage (this time using a „napkin“ technique) on October 15.  The technique of decoupage uses the motif imprinted on a paper napkin, which is then transferred with the use of a special glue and lacquer to decorate objects made of wood, paper, terra–cotta, glass, plastic, self–hardening plastic material, or even stone.

The second part, cup painting, which takes place on October 12, requires those interested to bring, or to purchase right in the museum, a white or light–coloured cup.  Under the guidance of experienced artists, the participants will create a unique and interesting ceramic piece.

Bleaching will take place on Saturday, October 29.  Here, visitors will create a T–shirt or some other piece of clothing according to their own fantasy. Bleaching is a simple and inexpensive technique that is based on partial bleaching of a fabric using a whitening disinfectant.

On Saturday, November 12, visitors may make jewellery from Fimo. This activity includes creating objects from this material, baking it, threading it, and the finishing of the jewellery. For its pliability and special colourfulness, Fimo is an ideal material for making jewellery, beads, little sculptures, or other decorative objects.

The series of Saturday workshops will conclude with a Christmas special, including gift wrapping, gingerbread cookie decorating, and the creation of paper decorations on Saturday, November 19.  In a  fitting Christmas mood, people can prepare for the upcoming holiday season and enter their own handmade creations into a competition for the most beautiful Christmas gingerbread cookie.  This competition is already a traditional part of the Christmas season activities at the Beer Brewing Museum.  This year, it will take place from November 19 to December 18.  During this time, those interested may enter their Christmas gingerbread cookie by bringing it to the front desk of the Beer Brewing Museum.  The categories are: a traditional gingerbread cookie, an original gingerbread creation and a children’s product.  The winners may look forward to interesting prizes.

Notes for editors

  • Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery’s activities for visitors include a Visitors Centre, Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus visitors’ tours, the Beer Brewing Museum and the Plzeň Historic Underground in the centre of the town.
  • You can be inspired to visit by going to first. The website is dedicated to visitors’ tours and to all services offered by the brewery for its visitors.
  • Besides Czech, English, and German, visitors may hear the tour narrations in French, Chinese and Russian.
  • The brewery’s offer includes the social and cultural centre Secese, which is available for organising various celebrations and cultural or educational functions.
  • The Beer Brewing Museum is located in the original „house with the rights to brew beer“ on Veleslavínova Street, which has been preserved in its original and authentic condition. The museum first opened in 1959 as part of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the trademark „Plzeňské pivo“ (Plzeň beer).
  • An 800 metres–long tour of Plzeň Historic Underground is accessible from the building of the Beer Brewing Museum. The labyrinth of pathways, cellars and wells was built under the town of Plzeň in the 14th century and it is closely connected with both the historical and the modern–day town.
  • In 2010, 226,000 visitors from all around the world visited the brewery, the Beer Brewing Museum and the Underground. The Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery itself is considered the most attractive tourist destination in the Czech Republic.
  • The Department of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Care of Plzeňský Prazdroj is responsible for visitors’ tours, tourism, and the sale of souvenirs in Velké Popovice and Radegast breweries. In 2010, all tourist destinations and points of interest under the care of Plzeňský Prazdroj welcomed more than 250,000 visitors in total.

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