Are you interested in what you drink? Then read the label on Birell! It now displays nutrition facts.


More and more Czechs have been monitoring their diet because of an increased interest in a healthy and active lifestyle. A correct drinking regime and choosing the right beverages are important elements in the pursuit of that lifestyle. Birell is therefore an ideal beverage for them. Aside from that, it is also a suitable choice for active sportsmen, professional or amateur. Birell not only refreshes but it also rehydrates and helps the body to regenerate.

Therefore, Birell is introducing something new for active Czechs. It started to display GDA (Guideline Daily Amounts) values on its labels. By doing so, the brand is trying to help consumers navigate this category of beverages and join in the current trend of a healthy lifestyle. „Nutrition facts are being displayed on many foods and beverages, however, I have not seen it on a bottle of non–alcoholic beer yet. And at the same time, reading the table of nutrition daily values is not only useful, it should be routine. And not just to evaluate calorie content, but also to monitor the amounts of sodium, saccharides, etc. Displaying nutrition facts on non–alcoholic beer is certainly an interesting and positive step forward,“ said Iva Málková, an expert on nutrition and healthy lifestyle and the founder of STOB (STop OBesity) association.

Birell is the first non–alcoholic beer in the Czech Republic displaying nutrition values on its label. „The brand is the leader in its category, so we see it as our responsibility to bring innovations into that market segment. We are convinced that our consumers will appreciate this innovation,“ said Martina Kuncová, Brand Manager. The uniqueness of the most popular Czech non–alcoholic beer is not only in its refreshing taste. Its content is just as important. It has half the amount of calories compared to sugary sodas, and a half litre of Birell saves the consumer 600 kJ compared to cola–like drinks.

On their cans, the consumer can now learn not only the amount of calories and other values, but also the percentage of the Recommended Daily Value for each category displayed (RDV).

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