Prazdroj Celebrates 170 Years And Offers Special Anniversary Tours

26.4.2012 Company

 „Our brewery has a 170–year, rich, and interesting history, which we want to present to our visitors during our new special tours called Through the History of Pilsner Urquell, and Around the Brewery on a  Pedlar Cart. We believe that both thematic tours will be interesting to visitors since they can expect a number of interesting facts and curiosities about the brewery’s history and its beer brewing tradition that were not yet presented during our regular tours,“ said Tomáš Raboch of Visitor Centre of Plzeňský Prazdroj.

Through the History of Pilsner Urquell

The hosts of this nontraditional tour will be the real character of Václav Mirwald, Pilsen townsman and one of the brewery’s founders, or eventually his wife Barbora dressed in period costumes. They will explain to the visitors how the brewery looked when it was founded, how they brewed Pilsner Urquell beer then and how they do it now. In addition to the interesting information about the brewery and the beer itself, visitors will have a  unique, first hand opportunity to experience details from the brewery’s  employees lives in the 19th century. Adult visitors will also taste beer directly in Pilsner Urquell brewery’s lager cellars made by the traditional method of fermenting and maturing in oak tubs and lager barrels.

The tours for individual visitors take place every weekend from April 21st to the end of November. The actual times of the tours are listed at Groups of at least 10 people may reserve the tour any time during the open hours during the mentioned period. The tour includes the introduction to the history in the Visitor Centre, a tour of the bottling plant, a panoramic cinema and a unique exposition of materials, the historic brew house from the 1930s restored to its original state and the current brew house of Pilsner Urquell brewery, the Hall of Fame with valuable artefacts connected to the founding of the brewery and to the time of its famous rise, and it is concluded with a visit to the brewery cellars with fermenting tubs and oak, lager barrels filled with Pilsen beer. The entrance is the same as for the regular brewery tour: 120,- CZK (around $ 6.00) for adults; discounted entrance of 80,- CZK  (around $ 4.00) for children 6 years old and younger, students, and seniors of 70 years and older.

Around the Brewery on a Pedlar Cart

Visitors have an unusual view of all sorts of corners and nooks of the brewery from the original beer pedlar cart. From this new perspective, unknown to a regular tourist, they can learn about the historic, industrial heritage of both breweries, Prazdroj and Gambrinus: for example, the old generator, the river water plant, the water tower, and also still–functional operations such as the malt house and the brew house.

A pair of brewery horses lead by coach-woman Jana Míčová are a truly unique part of the Pilsen brewery. These eight–year–old, cold–blooded mares not only transport barrels of beer to pubs and restaurants in Pilsen during special occasions, thus becoming an unmistakable example of local colour, they also take part in heavy horse competitions where they excel in a discipline called pedlar’s ride.

The trail of this tour goes from the brewery courtyard to the old water plant, past the cooper’s house, through the historic generator, around the water tower – one of the dominant structures of the brewery standing on the former Pilsen execution hill. It goes on towards the bottling plant, and the old malt house. After a stop at Gambrinus brewery, the pedlar cart will take visitors to the historic brew house of Pilsner Urquell. From here, they can continue on foot to explore Pilsner Urquell brew houses, the Hall of Fame, and they will conclude the tour in a stylish way in the historic lager cellars tasting unfiltered and unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell beer, which is tapped for the adult visitors right from the oak, lager barrel.

The tour on a pedlar cart will take place on May 5th, and then every first Saturday of the month until November 2012. The actual times of the tours are listed at The entrance fee is 150,- CZK (around $ 7.50) for adults, and discounted entrance of 100,- CZK (around $ 5.00) is available for seniors of 70 years and older. You can reserve your tour at: +420 377 628 888.

Notes for editors:

  • Activities of Plzeňský Prazdroj for visitors of Pilsen include Visitor Centre, guided tours of Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus breweries, Beer Brewing Museum, and Plzeň Historic Underground in the town’s centre.
  • Visitors can find the inspiration for the visit to the brewery at dedicated to visitor tours, and all other services offered by the brewery.
  • Aside from Czech, English, and German, visitors can enjoy the tours in French, Chinese, and Russian.
  • The conference and convention centre Secese is available for private and company celebrations, cultural, educational, and formal events as part of the offer.
  • The Beer Brewing Museum in Pilsen is located in an original beer brewing house on Veleslavínova Street preserved in an authentic, original state. The museum opened in 1959, as part of the 100th anniversary celebration of Pilsen Beer becoming a registered trademark.
  • 800 yard tours of the Pilsen Historic Underground are accessible from the Beer Brewing Museum. The labyrinth of hallways, cellars, and wells has existed under the town of Pilsen  since the 14th century, and is inseparably connected with the history of the town.
  • In 2001, 252,210 visitors from all around the world visited Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus tours, Beer Brewing Museum, and the Historic Underground. The brewery itself is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Czech Republic.
  • Department of Tourism and Care of Historic Heritage of Plzeňský Prazdroj also manages visitor tours, tourism, and the sale of souvenirs in Velké Popovice and Radegast breweries. In 2011, a total of nearly 300,000 visitors were welcomed at all tourist destinations and point of interest managed by Plzeňský Prazdroj.

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