Beer Brewing Museum Presents the Distinctive Humour of Jiří Winter Neprakta

6.6.2012 Company

The historic roller–house of the Beer Brewing Museum in Pilsen will be taken over by a selection of works by one of the foremost Czech humourists, caricaturists, illustrators and artists of the 20th century Jiří Winter Neprakta (1924–2011). The artworks, inspired by pub culture and restaurant hospitality, were created during the period between 1963 and 1983. The total output of the legendary Czech humourist is more than 35,000 cartoons and works of art.

„By displaying Jiří Winter Neprakta’s artwork, we salute this significant personality of postwar illustrated humour. In his illustrations, this famous Czech humourist depicted typical Czech pub culture and presented a typical Czech beer lover and his „customs“ with light, sarcastic wit. That is why these illustration fit perfectly in our Beer Brewing Museum, and we certainly do hope that they will make one’s visit to our permanent exhibition even more pleasurable,“ said Jindřiška Eliášková, Manager of Tourism and Historic Heritage.

The exhibition of illustrations is accompanied by artefacts from Jiří Winter Neprakta’s  daily life. Besides the tools connected with his daily artistic activities, such as a pen or a brush, there are many interesting artefacts from his personal life: pictures from his childhood, a samurai sword and his beloved turtle and crystal skulls to name a few. A  touch-screen will be a part of the interactive exhibition, enabling visitors to remember other humourous illustrations by this legend of Czech humour.

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