More Than 310 People Fought In The Biggest Balcony Battle Ever In Pilsen

15.6.2012 Gambrinus

Last Friday afternoon, the good people of Pilsen were surprised by the look of hundreds of soaking wet and laughing people. The Borský Park became the scene of the biggest water–balloon battle in the history of the country. „We, together with fans of non–traditional fun, just wanted to finally bring the summer to our lands. I am sure that this event enhanced the refreshment and pleasure brought to all participants by our new products: mixed beer beverages Gambrinus Lime & Elderberry, and Gambrinus Crisp Lemon,“ Jan Doležel, Gambrinus Brand Senior Manger said. A record-–reaking 310 people came to enjoy the water balloon battle of Gambrinus. „The participants, divided into the teams of Crisp Lemon and Lime & Elderberry hurtled an unbelievable 16,200 water balloons,“ Luboš Rafaj of Good Day Agency, recording the Czech records, added.

„We all were the victors since we all managed to set the new Czech record together. To celebrate, we have prepared plenty of mixed drinks of Gambrinus Crisp Lemon and Gambrinus Lime & Elderberry. I am pleased since all present evaluated our novelties as an excellent refreshment for upcoming summer days,“ Jan Doležel added.

The Pilseners’ achievement will be recorded in the Czech Book of Records; how long it will stand will be revealed next Friday already, when a similar event takes place in Brno. „I am curious to see how eagerly South Moravians will run into the water balloon battle and for our new beverages,“ Jan Doležel tossed the glove to water balloon fighters of Brno as an inspiration for them to beat the record.

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Notes for editors:

  • The wide portfolio of Gambrinus brand consists of Gambrinus Original 10°, Gambrinus 11° Excellent, Gambrinus Premium light lager, and Gambrinus Dry with low content of sugar.
  • Since 2012, Gambrinus added Gambrinus Crisp Lemon, and Gambrinus Lime & Elderberry products to its portfolio. These are mixed beer drinks. They are typical for lower alcohol content and refreshing taste.
  • Thanks to following the original brewing recipes typical for Czech beer, and also thanks to the use of traditional Czech beer brewing materials, Gambrinus is entitled to use the quality trademark „Czech Beer.“
  • History of Gambrinus brand goes way back to 1869. Gambrinus is beer that won the hearts and minds of its consumers thanks to its high quality and preserving of original brewing procedures.
  • Gambrinus is part of Plzeňský Prazdroj Inc. portfolio.  PP is a member of SABMiller plc. With its total sale of nearly 9.9 million hectolitres during the calendar year of 2011 (including licenced productions abroad) and with its export to more than 50 countries worldwide, Plzeňský Prazdroj Inc. is the preeminent beer producer in the region and the biggest exporter of the Czech beer.
  • SABMiller plc. is one of the world’s biggest beer brewing companies with beer brewing activities or distribution in more than 60 countries across six continents. SABMiller portfolio includes important international Brands such as Grolsch, Miller Genuine Draft, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, and Pilsner Urquell, as well as almost 200 successful regional and national brands.