Beer Oscars Awarded in Great Britain

16.2.2013 Gambrinus

On Friday evening in British Burton, judges of one of the most prestigious world beer competitions – called The Beer Oscars among beer brewing palls – announced the results for 2013. The International Brewing Awards competition is the longest lasting expertly judged competition of all beer types. The competition has been organised by Brewing, Food &  Beverages Industry Association since 1886.

Only professionally active brew-masters can be called upon to be judges. 40 master brewers from 16 countries of 6 continents were divided into groups that evaluated more than 800 different beers from all around the world. The competition was organised in 10 categories. The evaluations are completely anonymous and performed via sensory evaluation of samples in numbered glasses. The brew masters first select those that proceed to the finals, and then select three medal winners. The medal winners must undergo laboratory testing that must prove the standards set for each category.

The Boston Brewery with its line of many successful varieties of special beers Samuel Adams received the most awards. The only successful Czech beer was Gambrinus Premium that took home the silver medal in the category of classic lagers.

Burton, Velká Británie