Radegast Is Seeking Fans That Can Be Heard. Will Someone Beat 119.3 Decibels?

10.3.2014 Radegast

The hockey fans of Vítkovice cheered as loud as an airplane during takeoff. Their 119.3 decibels is a challenge for all visitors of the play-offs, the top hockey competitions. This year as well, Radegast, the official extra league beer, will send a commissioner with a professional noise measuring tool to all 8 halls hosting the quarter finals matches. Fan clubs may look forward to a nice beer reward. Radegast will actually multiply the highest captured noise level by 10 and they will award that many bitter beers to the noisiest fans.

”Thanks to our fans, the play-offs have the right atmosphere filled with emotion. Measuring the loudness will show us which club has the most boiling environment at home,” said  marketing manager of Radegast Karel Kraus.

The rules are the same for all clubs. The measuring will take place during the quarter finals match. The commissioner will always stand right by the home bench so the results will reflect what players are hearing. Based on last year’s results, fans in big arenas are at a disadvantage. Vítkovice fans in the sold-out ČEZ Arena hold the standing record of 119.3 decibels. The loudest play-off fans determined during the quarter will get a beer reward equal to 10 times their number of decibels.

This year’s novelty will be measured during the finals series. Karel Kraus explains: “We have decided to measure the noise during the finals as well. It will interesting to see if the rising excitement increases fans’ output. Thus we will watch matches not only on the ice but in the audience as well.”

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