Beer as Inspiration for the Palaverers

24.9.2003 Uncategorized

A meeting of Bohumil Hrabal´s friends at the Fount of Czech Culture exhibition

The last literary Wednesday taking place as part
of the Fount of Czech Culture exhibition will be symbolically devoted to
one of the most prominent personalities of last century´s Czech literature
– Bohumil Hrabal. The author´s closest friends, Professor Frantisek Dvorak,
Vlastimil Tresnak, Tomas Mazal, and others will recall the time they spent
together and Hrabal´s relationship to the golden beverage.

Bohumil Hrabal´s attitude to beer is also well
illustrated by a review of his works displayed at the exhibition,
including excerpts from Hrabal´s texts (citations from his book Pratele,
Muj svet [Friends, My World], published by Ceskoslovensky spisovatel in
1998), Menzel´s film renditions of Bohumil Hrabal´s literary works (Postriziny
[Cutting It Short]), Koliha´s Nezny barbar [The Gentle Barbarian], where
Menzel on the contrary plays the famous author in the environment of
Prague pubs, and Hana Hamplova´s pictures from Hrabal´s life.

The meeting called Around the Table with Bohumil
Hrabal starts at the Manes exhibition hall on 24 September 2003 at 5 p.m.
It is open to the public free of charge, like the whole exhibition.

The last opportunity to visit this non-traditional
display of art inspired by beer will be on 26 September, when the
exhibition will close.

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