Pubs as defence against stereotype

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Writers on the cultural importance of Prague pubs at the Fount of Czech Culture exhibition

An open-door round-table discussion, “Three Pints
of Beer and Writers”, to take place as part of the Fount of Czech Culture
exhibition at the MAnes art gallery on Wednesday, 17 September will offer
another look at Czech art inspired by beer.

Radko Pytlik, a well-known Czech literary
scientist and author, will be the guide who will walk the audience through
literary history associated with Prague pubs. Bohumil Hrabal is one of the
contributors to the discussion of the topic: in his preface to Radko
Pytlik’s book Ve stinu pipy [In the Shadow of a Tap] (1996) he writes: “A
pub is a place of defence against stereotype, it even is a place where the
most ordinary people are able to improvise, to trust their minds to the
rhythm of inspiration and imagination…”

The literary reading will start at 5 p.m. in the
Manes Gallery and is free of charge for the public. Musical accompaniment
by Josef Kocurek’s Prague Castle Band.

The last literary accompanying event of the Fount
of Czech Culture exhibition will be filled with recollections of Bohumil
Hrabal’s close friends of their time spent together; guests: Professor
Frantisek Dvorak, Vlastimil Tresnak, Tomas Mazal, and others. The meeting
called “At the table with Bohumil Hrabal” will take place on 24 September
2003, from 5 p.m.

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