Deterioration in the effluent plant operation – brewery Velke Popovice

5.5.2003 Uncategorized

Technological problems have occurred in the
effluent treatment system in the municipality of Velke Popovice in the
recent days. The effluent plant in the municipality of Brtnice, built and
operated by Pivovar Velke Popovice, has been used by local residents and
by other companies.

The congestion of the system lead towards fish
kill in both water reservoirs below the effluent plant, which was caused
by the oxygen deficiency. The reservoirs are not intended to breed fish as
they are part of the effluent treatment technology and the fish get there
by a natural process (they are brought by birds etc.).

At the moment an analysis of the water samples is
being carried out to determine the cause of the deterioration in the
effluent plant operation. The most experienced experts – water supply
specialists and environmentalists from the entire company, as well as
external effluent treatment specialists have gathered on site.

Steps are being taken now needed to make the
situation stable and to restore the natural effluent treatment operation

The relevant authorities, as well as the
municipality of Velke Popovice have been informed.

We would like to ask our employees to refer any
persons (relatives, acquaintances, journalists, etc.) asking questions
regarding the matter to Plzensky Prazdroj’s spokesman (Alexej Bechtin,
phone 603 557 219). Thank you for understanding.