Fermentation tanks installation at pilsen brewery

13.12.2005 Uncategorized

The installation of fermentation tanks at Pilsen brewery is a part of the project aimed at Pilsner Urquell capacity upgrade. It follows the Pilsner Urquell brew house reconstruction from 2003-2004.

First two fermentation tanks from total number of ten for Pilsner Urquell production were installed at Pilsen brewery today. During following 10 days the remaining tanks will be erected close to the Pilsner Urquell brew house.

fermentation tanks

Tanks installation is a part of more complex project focused on upgrade of Pilsner Urquell production capacity, according to the increased demand in international markets. It will be followed by the 3rd phase of Pilsner Urquell brew house reconstruction. The phase 3 will not require construction works, just Jimplementation of additional technological equipment, which will enable increasing of production up to 18 brews a day (22,000 hl of wort per week). The whole project with total investment of more than CZK 200 million is to be finished in May, 2006. As a result, the production capacity of Pilsner Urquell will reach 3 million hectolitres annually.

The fermentation was identified as a „bottle-neck“ in production process, while other parts are already designed for the expected growing demand. The installation of 10 CCTs is unique within SABMiller breweries as tanks contain a special Eco-Matrix valves configuration. This technology reduces beer losses and positively contributes to the stable quality of beer by eliminating possible yeast autholysis.

Overall number of CC tanks at Pilsen brewery is now 104: 48 fermentation and 56 maturation tanks. This modern method of fermentation and maturation was introduced in the beginning of 1990s, after thoroughful and strict tests and tasting by old brewmasters who had approved the new method to replace the traditional one when beer was fermented and matured in oak vessels down in sandstone historical cellars.

Acts and figures about new Pilsen CCT:

  • Producer – Holvrieka Denmark
  • Technology supplier (valves, pipelines) – Gea Tuchenhagen, Germany
  • Construction works – Hochtief, Czech Republic

  • Gross volume of 1 tank – 3,240 hl
  • Filling volume – 2,400 hl (approx. 26% is for so called headspace which enables foam to be created during the fermentation)
  • Internal diameter – 6 m
  • Total height – 17 m
  • Total weight – 23 tons