Wallachian Museum in the Country will be adorned by a statue of the god Radegast!

27.1.2006 Radegast

The general partner of the Wallachian Museum in the country, the Radegast brand, has announced selection proceedings for making a stylised and non-traditional statue of the god Radegast from wood. The statue will be on permanent display in front of the Museum entrance. The most successful of the four candidates was the wood-carver from Ostravice Tomas Cidlik (51). He has devoted himself to wood-carving since the age of fourteen, and in order to produce the future oak statue measuring more than three metres in height and one metre in diameter he has produced a model of his own idea of the god Radegast.

Tomas Cidlik, wood-carver

The wood-carver’s work won’t be a copy of the Radegast god but his own non-traditional concept on the theme of Radegast for the 21st century. The wood-carver explained his idea on the subject: „I studied the symbolism of the god Radegast from a variety of sources and came up with my own modern concept, but in a way that left the statue with its basic attributes, and everyone recognised Radegast the god in it straight away. I simplified the statue somewhat, but everyone can certainly recognise the typical horn of plenty, the face with the likeness of a lion and the bull’s horns,“  explains Tomas Cidlik.

„The Museum and Wallachia in general are an inseparable part of the Beskydy region and it is an honour for us to have here a symbol of the mountains, the god Radegast. The god Radegast will be an attraction for visitors, who will be able to follow its creation in the hands of the wood-carver Mr. Cidlik. We’ll begin work on the statue as soon as the snow subsides. We have had very productive cooperation with the Radegast brand for many years, and thanks to their support we have been able to realise a number of events for which otherwise we wouldn’t have had sufficient funds,“ says Ing. Vitezslav Koukal, CSc, the director of the Wallachian Museum in the country, explaining their cooperation with the Radegast brand.

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