Hyundai director accepts invitation to Radegast brewery

16.8.2006 Company

As part of the preparation for the construction of the Hyundai car factory in Nosovice, members of the factory’s management met with the management of Pivovar Radegast in Nosovice. As the manager of the Radegast brewery, Ivo Kanak, said: “The purpose of my invitation is to establish good neighbourly relations and to facilitate mutual understanding between people and cultures”. The guests, led by the director of the Hyundai car factory in the Czech Republic, Eok-Jo Kimem, toured the brewery before going on to the visitor’s exhibition in the “tasting tower”, where they tried Radegast beer and, in the words of those present, were very pleased with the results. The visit was also attended by representatives from the Regional Development Agency, including its chief executive Pavla Bruskova.

Ivo Kanak (Radegast brewery) and Eok-Jo Kim (Hyunday)

The manager of the Radegast brewery, Ivo Kanak, said in relation to the important visit that: “Hyundai will be an important long-term neighbour for us and it’s in our interest to develop good neighbourly relations. I’m glad that the car factory’s director accepted my invitation and I have to say that the meeting was very pleasant and friendly. Eok-Jo Kim was very interested in the brewery’s operations and particularly admired the picturesque Beskydy countryside from the vantage point in the brewery’s tasting tower, where he also tried our beer. Our guests obviously enjoyed the Radegast beer, and I was therefore pleased to invite them to the brewery’s most important annual event – the Radegast Day, which is held in the brewery on 16 September, and where they’ll be able to also try the yeast lager”. 

The preparations for the construction of the Nosovice car factory included the relaying in July of the water piping system for the Radegast brewery. Construction went ahead under the supervision of SmVaK and was paid for from the funds of the Moravian-Silesian region.  

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