Hop supplies for Urquell beer secured

4.9.2009 Uncategorized

Jan Hlaváček

Beer malting of the Czech beer sorts keeps consistently high above the world average. Thus, the specific dosage of hop in one hectolitre of beer amounts to 7.3 g alpha bitter acids. “The higher acerbity of beer and an intensive hop flavour resulting from the use of Czech hop sorts is a typical note of Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, and other Czech beers. Together they contribute to their rounded-up savour and make them extremely drinkable,” says Gambrinus master brewer Jan Hlaváček.

Notes for editors:

  • With the total amount of 10.7 million hectolitres (235.4 million gallons) sold in 2008 – including licensed production abroad – and exporting to over 50 countries world-wide, Pilsner Urquell Ltd. is the leading beer producer in the region and the biggest exporter of Czech beer.
  • Pilsner Urquell Ltd. is a member of the global group SABMiller plc. Pilsner Urquell is the international flagship of the SABMiller portfolio.
  • SABMiller plc is one of the largest beer producers in the world. Its brewing and commercial activities spread over more than 60 countries across 6 continents. SABMiller brand group includes important international brand names, such as Miller Genuine Draft, Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Pilsner Urquell as well as close to 200 successful regional and national labels.

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