After one year on the market, Gambrinus 11° Excelent is the most sold “eleven percent beer” on the Czech market, whether it be in bottles or on tap

11.11.2009 Gambrinus

“The trend in consumption of 11° beers in the Czech Republic is on the rise, which can also be seen in the spectrum of products of this higher grade beer by numerous labels. Today, Gambrinus 11° Excelent already has a considerable share of the premium segment; we expect that its popularity will continue to rise,” states Jiří Rákosník, brand manager of the Gambrinus brand.

Gambrinus 11° Excelent

The secret of Gambrinus 11° Excelent’s success is its unique taste and its intensive aroma of hops, which comes from adding caramel malt and a unique dosage of hops. Thanks to these virtues, after only being on the market for a few months, Gambrinus 11° Excelent won a gold medal in the Selection of Suppliers competition – Best newcomer of 2009 in the beer category. Another important hurdle was getting approval to use the protected geographical label, Czech beer.

Gambrinus 11° Excelent
Type of fermentation bottom fermentation
Taste rich and full taste with a distinct aroma of hops
Grade 11.3° (that is 11.3 % of fermented extract in the original wort)
Amount of alcohol 4.7 % content
Packaging 0.5 l bottles (cases and multipacks of 8 pieces), KEG barrels 50 and 30 l

Vladimír Jurina
Brand PR manager
Ph.: +420 724 617 886