Project Gambrinus ŠtamGast already has a thousand participants!

10.12.2009 Gambrinus

Pavel Hrdlička (61), who worked for 28 years as a miner, and 999 other happy Gambrinus fans took part in an interactive afternoon at the Gambrinus brewery. The Gambrinus Štamgast project's 1000th participant is a regular customer at the K Cihelně restaurant in Zbůch. Together with the local pub owner and six other regular customers, who are all fans of Gambrinus beer, he went to spend an interactive afternoon at the Gambrinus brewery. To his surprise, the lucky thousandth ŠtamGast (regular customer) left the event with a number of prizes.

A keg of Gambrinus beer was among the prizes he took home, and this is a prize that Hrdlička will not be drinking alone. “I am very happy that I became the thousandth ŠtamGas,” Hrdlička said. “I will share my favorite Gambrinus with other regulars from the pub, where we meet regularly.”

1000. ŠtamGast Pavel Hrdlička, Petr Kofroň, brewer at Gambrinus and Václav Berka, senior business brewer

Aside from Pavel Hrdlička, there were a number of well known people among the thousand visitors. The hockey team from Plzeň with Captain Martin Straka, soccer player Pavel Horváth, Czech rally driver Václava Pecha and Michael Maurer, an American director who lives in Plzeň, all took part in the ŠtamGast project.

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