Sale of 5l Gambrinus kegs increased last year
by 53 %

28.1.2010 Gambrinus

Gambrinus was the first brewery in Czech Republic to introduce five-litre kegs with lager beer from tap to the market. Customers were first able to buy kegs in May 2007 and drank more than 74 thousand of these by the end of that year. In 2008, demand for the five-litre XXL cans increased, and more than 143,000 cans were sold. Last year, Czechs drank close to 220,000 XXL cans of Gambrinus beer, which means consumption of more than 6,000 beers poured from five-litre kegs in one day. The five-litre beer kegs are gaining incredible popularity, which is proven by numbers from the entire market. The market grew in comparison with 2008 by nearly 50 %. More than a third of the market share belongs to Gambrinus beer.

“Beer lovers have become fond of the five-litre kegs, because they bring beer on tap into their homes, without having to lease a tap. Our XXL can is therefore popular for birthdays and for any kind of party with friends,” says Jiří Rákosník, senior brand manager of the Gambrinus brand.

Vladimír Jurina
Brand PR manager
Ph.: +420 724 617 886