Birell is the best non-alcoholic beer in the Czech Republic


Yesterday at a brewers event, results from the 18th annual tasting competition Zlatý pohár Pivex (Pivex Gold Cup) were revealed in Brno at the hotel Voroněž. The popular Birell won the gold medal in the non-alcoholic beer category. This beer won second place last year.

“Birell is one of the best non-alcoholic beers in the Czech Republic. That is why we are pleased, that not only consumers but also professionals once again confirmed Birell's unique taste and quality,” stated Vladimír Vaněk, brand manager of Birell.

Birell is definitely the most popular non-alcoholic beer – 2 out of 3 non-alcoholic beers sold carry the Birell logo. Its uniqueness comes from specially cultivated yeast, which creates almost zero alcohol. This way the same production process as regular beer can be used, unlike the majority of competing brands. Thanks to this, Birell remains the best-tasting non-alcoholic beer in the Czech Republic. In 2008, Czechs were second in the world in consumption of non-alcoholic beer, with 5.03 liters per person, and that is mainly thanks to this brand.

In total, 19 breweries with 43 brands entered the Zlatý pohár Pivex 2010 competition, and six brands were in the non-alcoholic beer category. Out of all the non-alcoholic beers, Birell got the best overall scores in taste, body, aroma, vigor, bitterness, and laboratory testing, and in a sensory analysis by RIBM Prague.

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