Second season of the cycling school by Jarda Kulhavý or from amateur to a professional cyclist


Jarda Kulhavý, the great Czech biker, is once again in the role of guide in his second series of cycling school, speaking about correct biking. This time, Jarda and the team focused on intermediate cyclists and in the 12-part series they prepare them for a professional competition.

The first part of the cycling school covers technical maintenance of a bicycle and adjustments. After that we pay attention to Petr Cerha, the host, who decided to take part in a cross-country marathon in Nové Město in Moravia. Together with Jarda Kulhavý and professional trainer Viktor Zapletal, he then prepares his own training plan, fine-tunes his biking technique and riding nuances on a BG FIT, and finally takes part in the competition. “The whole series aims to prepare viewers for a real competition, where they will compete against real professionals,” explained Jarda Kulhavý about the educational series. The goal isn't easily attainable, but it is doable. Petr Cerha's  results from the competition in Nové Město in Moravia speak for themselves – after overcoming 42.1 km of difficult terrain, he was actually at a scoring place and got points for his ride.

The second round of the cycling school by Jarda Kulhavý is tied to a popular series from 2009. It focused on beginners and throughout the series we learned how to choose the right bicycle and how to take care of it. The final parts took us to the world of professionals, who explained to us the basics of biking and the correct regime. “In the first series I  wanted to help beginners, to show them some tricks on how to bike correctly and remind them that the sport isn't only about technical skill and right care for your body, but also your bike,” Jarda Kulhavý summarized the previous series.

Also this year, part of the team preparing all parts of the second series was a long-term partner – the Birell brand. “I am glad that Birell undertook this difficult project with us again this year. Especially because I consider Birell to be a  very appropriate part of my drinking regime – its composition effectively adds nutrients and liquids after a strenuous sporting event not only for professionals, but also for amateurs,” concluded Jarda Kulhavý.

“We are delighted that we could continue in the tradition and once again add our name to this great project. After all, cycling and an active lifestyle go hand in hand with Birell,” added Brand Manager of the brand, Martina Kuncová. The Birell brand has been supporting cycling since 2002, when it started to take care of its own bike path in Beskydy and soon after, it expanded by another three. Furthermore, in 2009, we launched a new website for all fans of bicycles at

The twelve-part series of the cycling school by Jarda Kulhavý which deals with the theme of an amateur becoming a professional sports man can be found at During June and July, all parts of the series will be featured here together with a  detailed text description, which will add additional interesting details to the videos.

Jaroslav Kulhavý

  • Junior European and World champion in 2003
  • Bronze medal from the World Championship in 2007 in category Under 23 Years
  • 18th place at OH Peking 2008
  • Currently, this season, third on the World Cup


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