Come and have fun with friends on Open Door Day at the Gambrinus brewery!

9.5.2011 Gambrinus

The tour of the Gambrinus brewery is free the entire day.

The tour of the Gambrinus brewery includes the original buildings as well as the modern production. During the visit, visitors can essentially look over the shoulders of the brewers. They will get to know the ingredients, the traditional processes and the latest brewing technology, all of which gives the most-distributed Czech beer its quality and flavour. As a new part of the tour, visitors will look into the department of fermentation and storage of cylindroconical tanks where they will find out more about this modern technology. In the unique, interactive Gambrinus Arena, they can try out a penalty kick to find out whether they are the best shooter of the Gambrinus league, or they can play guitar in competition with bands like Tři Sestry or Kabát. Many visitors could find out that it is time to change careers!

At the end of the tour, those of legal drinking age will of course take part in a tasting of Gambrinus beers. They have a choice of Gambrinus light, which this year received an award for Best Czech Beer on Tap at a  prestigious competition, Zlatý pohár PIVEX – Pivo 2011, (Gold Cup PIVEX – Beer 2011), or Gambrinus 11° Excelent or Gambrinus Premium. During the tasting, a beer specialist will explain to them how to distinguish good quality beer and how to properly care for it. Visitors will also learn how to serve beer from tap, and under the supervision of professionals, they can also try out serving it themselves.

The tour capacity is limited, so organisers suggest that those interested make a reservation by calling +420 377 062 888.
Balloon competition
At 1 p.m. a little town will come to life in the courtyard of the Gambrinus brewery. Visitors can compete for a number of prizes, including a trip in a hot air balloon. There is something for everyone among the competitions. Strong men can compete in sumo matches, other brave men can become Roman gladiators. Those who like to use their brain in manly competitions can try to trick a crazy can under a beer wave.

There will also be music
What kind of fun event would it be if there was no music? That is why organisers of the Open Door Day invited three bands which fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the brewery. At 4, Stoda V3ska will perform. It has eight members, they have been playing for nine years and are great together. This is the right thing to start a party in the courtyard of the brewery with.
At ten to 6, they will be replaced by a rock band, Palice. The number of people on the stage will go down to half that of the first band, which of course does not mean the fun will go down by half as well. What V3ska starts, Palice will duly develop and will heat it up so that the final band, Semtex, has something to tie their performance to. Lukáš Krásný’s great group will rock the house at 7:45 pm, so that they can offer the visitors their unbelievable songs and their interpretations of famous songs until 9 p.m.

Good fun has to, of course, include good beer and good food. The entire afternoon, visitors can have unfiltered Gambrinus and they can also munch on grilled sausage and other great foods. 

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