Summer with cans

14.7.2011 Gambrinus

Cans have been gaining popularity for some time now. In 1999, cans represented only 3.6% of the packaged beer on the market, last year their share rose to 5.9%.

One reason for the growing popularity of beer in cans is because Czech consumers no longer consider it to be expensive or luxurious. Ten years ago, beer in cans cost almost twice as much as it did in bottles. Today, cans are part of normal beer packaging.

„In the nineties especially, the price difference between a glass bottle and can was huge. Today, the situation is very different, and thanks to the price accessibility, demand for this packaging grows, especially in the summer months. Cans account for 15% of sales of the most sold Czech beer, Gambrinus,“ stated Senior Brand Manager at Gambrinus Martin Rosička.

We expect that the share of cans, as a practical packaging concept, will only continue to grow.

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