The Beer Brewing Museum currently holds a competition for the best Christmas gingerbread


“The competition for the best gingerbread is becoming an inseparable part of the holiday season’s celebrations in Beer Brewing Museum. Last year, more than 40 contestants entered the competition with more than 150 products that included classic gingerbread cookies as well as exquisite gingerbread houses, candle–holders, and many other interesting gingerbread creations. It is always a memorable experience to see how much of this ancient folklore artistry has been preserved right here, in the museum,“ said Jitka Froydová of the Beer Brewing Museum.

The only thing necessary to enter the competition is to bring your product to the front desk of Beer Brewing Museum anytime during the open hours until December 18th, the last day to enter the competition. The desk is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The contest is being held in three categories: traditional gingerbread cookie, a gingerbread creation, and children category. All contestants will receive an invitation to the announcement of the winners selected by the jury that will also award the attractive prices. All entered gingerbread creations will be then displayed in Beer Brewing Museum until the 6th of January, the feast of Three Kings.

The competition for the best gingerbread cookie attracts an attention for several years already. The last year’s jury included a curator of Beer Brewing Museum collections Martin Buchlovský, a theater director and an actor Vilém Dubnička, a chef of the restaurant „U Salzmannů“ Josef Hlaváček. The winner of the children category was Lucie Mudrová with her gingerbread creation „Angel with a Star.“ The winner of the traditional gingerbread cookie was Jana Buhlová, and she also became the winner of the gingerbread creation category with her gingerbread house.

Gingerbread cookie decorating was the last of the Saturday workshops, a cycle of creative workshops that took place every Saturday from October 15th to November 19th in the Museum. In the special atmosphere of a uniquely preserved house–with–the–rights–to–brew–beer, the participants had a  chance to try various craft techniques under the guidance of experienced tutors. The activities included, for example, decoupage (decorating technique using a napkin), painting on cups, bleaching, jewelry making from FIMO, and making of Christmas decorations and gingerbread cookies, which can be now entered into the competition.

Notes for editors

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  • An 800 metres-long tour of Plzeň Historic Underground is accessible from the building of Beer Brewing Museum. The labyrinth of pathways, cellars, and wells was being built under the Town of Plzeň already since the 14th century, and it is closely connected with the history and the present of the town.
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