Velkopopovický Kozel is the most successful Czech beer abroad

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Sales of Velkopopovický Kozel abroad have risen 45 % and reached 1.3 million hl

Prague, 16 February 2006 –  Last year, the Velkopopovický Kozel brand again confirmed its exceptional position among Czech beers abroad. In 2005, its sales outside the Czech Republic reached 1.3 million hl, representing an increase of 400,000 hl on the previous year. As well as exports, this is due in large part to license production in Russia, Hungary and Slovakia. For example, on the Russian market Velkopopovický Kozel has gained a market share of around 1.3 %,, more than twice as much as any other Czech brand. Its strong position here is also confirmed by research from the Ipsos agency, which shows that eight out of ten Russians asked aged between 18 and 60 have heard of the Velkopopovický Kozel brand.

“We’re glad that the continuing development confirms that Velkopopovický Kozel is becoming ever more popular not just at home but also beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. In 2004, the results from foreign markets were already very good, and during 2005 it managed to register an increase in sales of a further 400,000. In Russia, which is one of the three countries (the others being Hungary and Slovakia) where we’ve introduced licensed production of Velkopopovický Kozel, it occupies an important position and offers strong competition for imported and domestic brands. Velkopopovický Kozel’s licensed production abroad is made according to a Czech recipe and under the supervision of Czech brewers and from imported Czech raw materials. In Russia, In Russia, the brand is getting strong marketing support via a subsidiary of SABMiller, the global brewing group, which also owns Plzeňský Prazdroj. Russian consumers see Velkopopovický Kozel as a modern, quality real Czech beer. Its overall quality is regularly supervised by experienced brewers from Plzeňský Prazdroj,“ says Martin Kuděla, manager of the Velkopopovický Kozel brand.

Altogether, Velkopopovický Kozel sells in 24 countries from Finland to Australia. It represents a competitive traditional Czech brand, which can very easily be introduced to selected markets and which offers a very good quality-price relation. Research has confirmed that in Russia, for example, Velkopopovický Kozel is the most important and most successful Czech beer. It is also the most successful brand produced under license in Russia. Within this market segment it represents around 13 % of all production. It has also long been popular in Scandinavian and Baltic countries, and in Finland, for example, it is the biggest imported brand of beer.

Most successful export countries:
1. Finland
2. Great Britain
3. Canada
4. Kazachstan
5. Sweden

For more information:
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