Cycling for a chilled Birell in North Moravia


The non-alcoholic beer Radegast Birell caring for the safety of Czech cyclists

The best-selling non-alcoholic beer in the Czech Republic – Radegast Birell – can be found not on Czech roads but also the Radegast cycling routes. That’s precisely where Czech cyclists will be able over the upcoming four weekends to taste the most popular non-alcoholic beer in the country – Radegast Birell. And that’s not all: as well as refreshment they can look forward to the competition entitled “We’re going to Birell”, with attractive prizes. The competition’s aim is to urge cyclists to refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages before and during their bicycle trip, and to motivate them to ride safely.

“Birell patrols“ have been present for several weeks on Czech roads, offering the non-alcoholic beer to drivers. Similar, two-member “patrols” will also be travelling the Radegast cycling routes over the following weekends. Cyclists will certainly recognise them. The pairs will be dressed in the special, limited-edition Radegast Birell cycling outfits. These can only be won in the competition, whose other prizes include cycling helmets and even a new mountain bike. “The best way for cyclists to judge the qualities of Radegast Birell non-alcoholic beer is simply for them to try it,“ says Karel Kraus, manager of the Radegast Birell brand from Plzeňský Prazdroj. “Non-alcoholic beer from Plzeňský Prazdroj’s production is made in the Nošovice brewery. It is produced using unique beer technology, which ensures its outstanding taste,“ adds Karel Kraus.

The game’s principle is simple: cyclists receive playing cards from the patrol. With these they can take part in the competition for the mountain bike or the aforementioned cycling outfits. The competition’s prizes also include cycling helmets to promote safe cycling. The competition’s information materials, including the playing cards, encourage cyclists to ride safely, wear helmets and to refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages before and during cycling. Cyclists have to obtain stamps on the playing cards; these are given to them on their visits to pubs along the Radegast cycling routes or their direct vicinity. This apparently straightforward task is made more difficult, however, by an awareness question which tests the judgement, experience and knowledge of the cyclists taking part.

The competition “We’re going to Birell“ takes place until the end of September on all four Radegast Birell cycling routes: – Beskydy Radegast CykloTrack, Slezsko Radegast CykloTrack, Trojmezí Radegast CykloTrack and Opava Radegast Birell CykloTrack. Private individuals over the age of 18 can take part and participation in the competition is not conditional upon the purchase of goods or services. More at

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