Gambrinus is launching a brand new communication concept

29.9.2006 Gambrinus

Gambrinus …and life has a zest

The best-selling domestic beer brand Gambrinus has innovated its communication concept after three years. “The taste that makes friends” is moving on and expanding to “Gambrinus …and life has a zest” (… a život má říz)
– Gambrinus connects people that are capable of seeing the world through different eyes, from a happier and untraditional perspective. Gambrinus will communicate the new concept in a massive fall campaign, which will start on 2 October with the launch of the new “Films” advertising spot on Czech television channels, followed by radio, press and outdoor campaigns.

“All day, you’re in a whirlwind of activity. When you really want to relax afterwards, it’s the right time to meet with friends. Everybody in the group is on the same wavelength, and they are connected by a preference of Gambrinus beer. Beer itself is not a condition or cause for their capability of expressing quirky humour; that is already in them. When they are together, it’s like they see things around them a little bit differently, more happily. What others see as mundane and ordinary, they view untraditionally and enjoy thinking about how to entertain themselves and others. The fun may sometimes “sting” a little bit, get under the skin, but nobody is ever angry at anybody else; they all know each other well after all,” Senior Brand Manager of the Gambrinus brand, Petr Bozon, explains the essence of the new concept, adding: “This different, humorous attitude towards everyday situations helps create fun and charges all the friends with new energy.”

The “Films” spot, designated exclusively for the Czech market, shows that anything can be perceived with humour and agility. In this specific case, the actors – friends having fun at a restaurant – employ the names of films as rejoinders for occurring situations, and use them to communicate with others at the table. The realisation of the spot was entrusted to Czech director Jan Krofta, and was prepared and filmed by the Rust, Klemperer agency in cooperation with the EXIT Films production company. The spot will be launched in two versions, each lasting 30 seconds.

Interesting details from filming:

  • The advertising spot was filmed in two 30-second versions, whereas both differ in terms of editing and content (rejoinders).

  • From the onset, the spots were designed as films and actors were chosen intentionally; theatrical advertising expressions were suppressed from the beginning and the greatest emphasis was placed on civic character, so that the behaviour and conduct of the characters and environment would be believable.

  • The entire pub in the spot was built at a film studio, which substantially eased the filming and lighting of the entire scene.

Vladimir Jurina
Corporate Affairs
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  • With total sales of more than 10.2 million hectolitres at home and abroad in the calendar year 2005, and with exports to more than 50 countries worldwide, Plzensky Prazdroj, a. s., is the leading beer producer in Central Europe and the largest exporter of Czech beer.

  • Plzensky Prazdroj, a. s., is a subsidiary of SABMiller plc, by volume the second largest global brewing company worldwide with brewing interests or distribution agreements in over 60 countries across five continents.

  • Gambrinus is the bestseller at the Czech beer market