Czechs love cold drinks with their lunch

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According to the survey, which was conducted by an independent agency, Ipsos Tambor, 25.8 % of Czechs prefer drinks like juice, lemonade or tea with their lunch, and that number is as high as 46.5 % for the 18 to 24 age group.

Despite the fact that drinking these drinks increases the risk of diabetes (which about 52 % of the population already has, according to the Czech Society for the Study of Obesity) and heart failure.

An appropriate alternative to these drinks would be, for example, unsweetened water or non-alcoholic beer, which 3.1 % of Czechs already enjoy with lunch. “The non-alcoholic Birell has half the calories of juices or sodas. Furthermore it has vitamin B, which we all need,” said brand manager of the Birell brand, Martina Kuncová. And interest in the non-alcoholic Birell is increasing. “It's  good that a lot of people realize this, and that the sale of Birell, as an appropriate drink with lunch, is increasing. In 2009, total sales increased by 2.7 %. In addition, the number of pubs serving the Birell on tap increased in the first quarter of this year by 5.6 %,” she added.

However the survey also revealed that 6.5 % of adults do not drink anything with their lunch. In this sense, the most vulnerable group for us would be men, age 45–54, of whom 10.2 % forget to drink during lunch, and women, age 55–64, of whom 10.5 % do the same. This lack of fluids could result in dangerous dehydration, especially in the summer months. “That is why the non-alcoholic Birell is the ideal drink for hot days – it doesn't make you drowsy, it is refreshing and it helps you replenish important nutrients and minerals,” said Martina Kuncová.

The ingredients in Birell increase your hydration especially during summer months – besides vitamins, it has proteins & sugars together with minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and folic acid. In this way, it effectively helps to hydrate you body. Furthermore, the non-alcoholic Birell is the product of a natural process without the use of any chemicals.
Birell is definitely the most popular non-alcoholic beer – 2 out of 3 non-alcoholic beers sold bear the logo of this brand. Its uniqueness comes from specially cultivated yeast, which creates virtually no alcohol, and unlike the majority of competing brands, this allows for the use of the same production process as is used for regular beer. Birell is also appreciated by professionals from the beer industry, and this year, the brand took first place in the category of non-alcoholic beer at the Pivex competition.

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