We are striving for beer to become the natural choice for moderate and responsible consumers. Alongside our prevention programmes, we mainly rely on self-regulation; the rules which we voluntarily apply are some of the strictest among alcohol producers.

Observing Czech and worldwide regulations and codes of conduct is a matter of course for us. However, we also apply our own strict internal rules which go beyond these regulations.

Commercial communication

Our approach towards marketing is responsible. The self-regulation rules which we observe are assessed on a regular basis. That is also why well-established self-regulation represents an appropriate tool, because it is flexible, can quickly respond to changing trends, and its inspection does not require any public funds.

100 % of commercial communication must be approved by our internal Sales and Marketing Compliance Committee

99,4 % of our advertisements meet the 75:25 rule

Držíme se našeho kodexu komerční komunikace, který obsahuje řadu přísných pravidel.

We follow our Code of Commercial Communication, which includes several strict rules.

On top of that, digital communication at Plzeňský Prazdroj follows Digital Guiding Principles, , which, among other things, include important rules related to the content of websites and social networks.

In 2019, we did not receive any complaints from the EASA (Rada pro reklamu). We received one notification informing us that the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting had commenced offence proceedings. However, we do not believe the given advertisement violated any laws or our self-regulation principles. The final decision whether there really was a violation of law is not available yet.

Our commitment towards the responsible communication of our products was also confirmed by us adopting the following international undertakings: Brewers of Europe, World Federation of Advertisers, IARD.




Via the Respect 18 project, we want to raise awareness and change the tolerant approach of the public towards drinking by minors in the Czech Republic. In 2019, the project was actively participated in by 105 thousand people.

At the same time, we are fighting for the reduction of availability and consumption of alcohol by kids or minors. The project is a result of cooperation between the Pilsen Municipal Council, Plzeňský Prazdroj and the Centre for Drug Prevention and Therapy, and has been running for seven years. We are gradually expanding our cooperation with regions and municipalities, and the Regional Authority of the Moravian-Silesian Region is now a partner of the project.

For our message – respect the age limit for selling and serving alcoholic beverages and reduce the tolerance towards minors drinking alcohol – to get more attention, we engaged the team of Kopačky (football boots, a name for a women´s football team) in the project. We created a women´s football team together with our partners. All the players were playing for the same goal and helped open up the discussion on the topic of kids and alcohol (Respect 18).Kopačky won the award for the best project promotion within the Global Goals World Cup, event, which takes place under the auspices of the UN.


Na pivo s rozumem

We promote responsible alcohol consumption also via our website www.napivosrozumem.cz where you can download a calculator for the permitted alcohol limits, “Alkulačka Promile INFO”. The calculator calculates the blood alcohol content and the time when the consumer´s alcohol content will be zero again. Last year, we managed to attract 25 thousand people to either download the application, or take a breath test during some of the festivals at which we were promoting the project. We have been cooperating on this project with the organisation Sananim for ten years.

Together with the Czech Beer and Malt Association, we participate in projects like Řídím, nepiju alko (I drive, I don´t drink alcohol) and Člověče, nezlob se (Man, don´t get angry, which is the Czech name for the board game Ludo).



We train and educate our employees, as well as business partners from the ranks of publicans or store representatives, and other stakeholders.

Each employee of Plzeňský Prazdroj receives training focused on responsible alcohol consumption called ABC of Alcohol and Alcohol IQ.

Simultaneously, we address our customers, stores, restaurants and bars. Last year, we distributed 7 thousand leaflets in supermarkets with information where and how it is possible to place advertisement for our products. Recently, we have anchored the responsible conduct also in contracts with some partners, and we would like to extend this activity to more places.

Our targets for the future are not changing

We want to continue in the promotion of a healthy approach towards alcohol.

By 2025, we want to increase the number of people joining programmes promoting responsible drinking by 20 percent.

We will also focus more on cooperation with our customers from the ranks of chain stores and shops – it is also up to them to spread alcohol responsibility. That is why in 2019 we joined the new IARD commitment within which we want to focus on our cooperation with partners when creating e-commerce standards.

Sales and Marketing Compliance Committee

Na dodržování pravidel v oblasti reklamy a marketingu dohlíží Komise pro odpovědnost, která je složená z členů vrcholového managementu i několika externistů. Komise schvaluje veškerou komerční komunikaci Plzeňského Prazdroje od televizní reklamy až po pivní tácky do hospod. Schvalovací proces je kontinuální a běží přes webovou aplikaci. Do té příslušný zaměstnanec nahraje, co vytvořil a co by mělo jít „ven“, a komise se k tomu během tří dnů vyjádří.

What is the 75:25 rule?

Among other things, members of the WFA, World Federation of Advertisers, follow the law on protection of minors from alcohol consumption (Responsible Marketing Act). According to this law, advertisers should observe the 70:30 rule, which says that more than 70 percent of the audience watching alcohol adverts must be adults.

However, our internal rule is even stricter. We undertook that in our case it would be 75 percent – and we have been successful at meeting the goal; last year it was 99.4 percent.

The percentage of adults must be observed in all commercial communication, and this also applies when planning events, posts on social networks, sponsorship, etc. The results can be easily tracked thanks to people meters and the results are available within a second.

Některá z pravidel kodexu komerční komunikace:

  • We restrict access to our advertising for people under 18.
  • Only people older than 25 act in our advertisements.
  • We monitor the broadcasting time of our advertisements.
  • We age-check the content on social networks.
  • We do not promote opportunities for excessive alcohol consumption.
  • We age-check access to our websites.
  • We follow the rule that 75 percent of people who watch our adverts must be adults.
  • We do not promote alcohol as a means to increase performance or achieve success.
  • We warn about the inappropriateness of alcohol in case of risk groups of minors, drivers and pregnant women.


Digital Guiding Principles

Rules related to the content on websites and social networks:

  • There must be an indication that these are the official webpages of an alcohol producer.
  • They must include an age gate (in our case, we require the exact year of birth).
  • They must include the information that our goal is not a promotion of excessive alcohol consumption.
  • They must include links to our responsibility projects, for example, www.respektuj18.cz, information on the incompatibility of alcohol consumption with pregnancy, warning concerning drunk-driving.
  • The pages must be continuously monitored and potentially unsuitable content must be deleted immediately.

Football, the best platform for raising awareness

Female employees of Plzeňský Prazdroj put together a football team called Kopačky (football boots) for the occasion of the unique football tournament Global Goals World Cup to support the global goals of the UN. And how did they do? They didn´t score the most goals, but won the award for the best activity concerning the selected goal, which was raising awareness within the Respect 18 project.

The team was created by thirty employees of the brewery, they trained hard, participated in friendly matches, and in May participated in the main tournament of the Global Goals World Cup. The idea originated three years ago in Copenhagen. Women´s teams from the business and public sector compete, whereas each team plays for one of the areas of sustainable development supported by the UN. The tournament takes into consideration not only scores from the matches, but the originality of the kit, the best fan club and the overall activity to support the goals of sustainable development. In May 2019, the tournament took place in the Czech Republic for the first time. The matches were played in the lower part of Wenceslaus Square in Prague.

Within the tournament and the preparation for the tournament, the players of the Prazdroj team of Kopačky drew attention to the lukewarm approach of adults towards minors drinking alcohol, which is also the aim of the company project called Respect 18. They organized several events during spring which involved several well-known people. And their diligence paid off. Plzeňský Prazdroj, or its women´s football players, won the award for the best activity concerning the selected goal.

That Kopačky were not only about the sport is proven by their further actions. Their kits were made of recycled textile from a company employing graphic designers with disabilities, and the printing on their kits was done solely using environmentally-friendly colours.