We are a good neighbour since 1842

The old brewing-rights holders and their successors have always honoured their ties to the city of Pilsen. For example, they paid more than half of the costs for building the Pilsen barracks (1804 to 1826). The same may be said about the municipal theatre (1832). The brewery has contributed to wounded war veterans, orphanages, the repairs of cultural monuments, etc.

The brewery continues to be a good neighbour and co-creator of today’s shape of the City. Moreover, the company brings the same attitude to Velké Popovice and Nošovice.

Through our grant programmes, Prazdroj to the People, Kozel to the People and Radegast to the People, we supported 19 community projects in the neighbourhood of our breweries in a total value of CZK 4,300,000 in 2017.

Kozel to the people

List of NGOs
Project name
Nové habří, z.s.
Bells for Velké Popovice
KC Kamenice
Tatra truck exhibition on the 200th anniversary of the birth of František Ringhoffer
Velkopopovická společnost, z.ú.
Mosaic Open Air Gallery
ZO ČOP Velké Popovice
Together for nature
SH ČMS - Sbor dobrovolných hasičů Lojovice
FIREFIGHTERS OF LOJOVICE – Equipment for training and organizing competitions in fire-fighting sport

Radegast to the people

List of NGOs
Project name
ČSOP Salamandr
Water from the Mountains
Ski Park Gruň
Ice and Wooden sculptures in Pustevny
Valašské muzem v přírodě v Rožnově pod Radhoštěm
Maměnka, Pustevny – Boiler room reconstruction and wet walling rehabilitation
Slezský železniční spolek
Special trains to the Radegast brewery in Nošovice
KČT, odbor
Prašivá - selfie photo-points

Prazdroj to the people

List of NGOs
Project name
Skrytá Plzeň
The Hidden City – neighbourhood walks 1918-2018
Plzeň 2015, z.ú.
BLIK BLIK - festival of light and arts in public space 2018
In the Tracks of the Pilsen Uprising of 1953 and Alan’s War
Klub vojenské historie 276th Sqdn. (reenacted) RAF, z.s.
Commemoration of RAF pilots from the Karlov district
Auto*Mat, z.s.
Cycling to Work 2018
ENVIC, občanské sdružení
Pilsen – Green City
Pier on the Radbuza River
Theatrical Summer under Pilsen Skies – 11th year
Development and Support of Arts in Public Space and Pilsen Busking Fest

We have supported 186 projects and distributed over 50 million CZK through our grant programs in the past 16 years.

In addition, we have invested over CZK 35 million in other projects supporting life in the neighbourhood of our breweries.

Birell – Together We Are Unstoppable

The Czech and Slovak project entitled Nezastavitelní (the Unstoppables) started in 2014 under the title Birell jízda (Birell Ride). The Birell brand is its main initiator and sponsor. For everybody who passes through the special Birell gate, we add CZK 5 to the Unstoppables account. In 2017, we thus managed to gather funds in the amount of CZK 1,336,009 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to that, we were able to help thirteen handicapped athletes get equipment they could not afford on their own.

Gambrinus – Getting the ball rolling

The Gambrinus brand has been supporting the grassroots-level of the football game for 7 years now. In 2017, we made a radical decision when we discontinued our sponsorship of the Czech national team. Instead, we are going to continue our support of the grassroots, particularly purchases of sporting equipment for amateur teams, but also pursue projects to support local communities that are connected with football. We also want to interconnect village football communities so that they share techniques and know-how and most importantly, foster the “togetherness” that naturally comes with this sport.

Pilsner Urquell – Auction of Art-Design Bottles

2017 was a record-breaking year for the Pilsner Urquell brand and for the charity auction of specially designed bottles that has become a tradition. We managed to raise the largest amount of money in the history of the auction, CZK 1,683,145 for Centrum Paraple. The money was spent on therapeutic and sports equipment for people who are in a wheelchair as a consequence of illness or injury. This year, the creator of the series of bottles was the art director of Moser Glassworks, Lukáš Jabůrek. The most expensive bottle went for CZK 250,000.